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Welcome to Colombia!

The Westfalia Fruit Group is proud once again to be a Platinum sponsor of the World Avocado Congress, this time taking place in Medellin, Colombia.

Westfalia played an instrumental role in establishing the first-ever World Avocado Congress event, which was hosted in South Africa in 1987. Over the decades, the organisation has continued to actively support and promote industry collaboration, knowledge sharing and the implementation of sustainability best practices. The Group is responsible for breeding world-leading rootstocks like Dusa™ that are Phytophthora tolerant and thus a more sustainable solution than the constant use of chemicals. The breeding of new varieties that provide a greater yield is also an innovation that Westfalia has shared with the industry.

Similarly, Westfalia has conducted a lot of research into reducing the use of fungicides and other pesticides, reducing water consumption and otherwise enhancing environmental sustainability. This has been shared over many years with the global avocado industry.

With reference to the host country of this year’s congress, Westfalia Fruit has invested significantly in building the reputation of the Colombian avocado industry as a credible origin for international exports.  The Group brought specialised technical expertise into he fledgling industry in the form of production, logistics, cooling and packing proficiency, followed shortly by its superior plant material which will be of enormous long-term benefit to the industry.

Westfalia Fruit Colombia recently inaugurated a modern Hass avocado packhouse in the municipality of Sonsón, Colombia, south-east of Antioquia. It is one of the most modern plants of its kind with the largest production capacity in the country. The new plant significantly extends the processing capacity of Westfalia Fruit Colombia, adding to the facility it already runs in Guarne, Antioquia.

The company started operation in the production, packing and sale of Hass avocados for export in 2012, and has developed very fast in the country’s buoyant Hass avocado industry. In just six years Westfalia Fruit Colombia has exported more than 18 million kilos to international destinations across the world such as the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany, the USA, Spain, Canada, Costa Rica and Saudi Arabia, quickly becoming the country’s first and more innovative exporter of Hass avocados. With the investment in the new facility in Sonsón, the company expects to triple its production capacity to support its continued growth.

Asist to the event that brings together to the national leaders of the avocado industry and learn side by side of the experts about the avocado market in a event without cost that it´s going to take place in Pereira. Register here:

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