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Visit Medellín

See the city and its surroundings through activities, gastronomy and culture, which can be done with our tourism partners.

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Discover in one of the most famous tours of the city, the fascinating urban art of Medellín, community and government projects, in addition to the famous electric escalators that demonstrate, among other aspects, the social inclusion and transformation of La Communa 13 and the city itself.
In the evening we will enjoy the most emblematic neighborhoods of the city, the Pink Zone located in El Poblado, the neighborhood where the city was born, we will cross to Laureles and the 70 street. We will visit the Sabaneta and Envigado parks, municipalities of the Metropolitan Area. We will continue towards Via Las Palmas to enjoy the wonderful panoramic views that the city offers us at night from different viewpoints.
Delightful panoramic helicopter tour over the city of Medellin, the stadium, the center of the city and the emblematic Golden Mile, famous for being the financial, health, commercial and tourist district of the city.
Discover why Jericó has been recognized as one the 17 Colombian Heritage Towns, due to its religious background, history, culture, civility, nature, and authentic Paisas traditions. We will live in Jericó a Coffee Farm Experience.
Discover your own style in a workshop during the first day with a personalized image advisor and learn to project your true image with personality tests, colorimetry, face analysis (visagism) and body analysis (morphology). On the second day, we will go shopping al EL TESORO Shopping Park with the image advisor and practice everything we learned the day before.
The culture of the silleteros is a part of our roots and has given rise to the well-known Feria de las Flores that we celebrate every year in August in the city of Medellin. Get to know a silletera family, listen to their own stories and build a silleta along with them, while enjoying a country landscape.
Visit the most representative sites of Medellín in this city tour full of culture and transformation. Plaza Botero, Explora Park, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the car cable are some of the places you will visit listening to the history and cultural background, accompanied by a local guide.
In this coffee tasting you can try four different single-origin coffees, accompanied by a pastry, and enjoy a short course on coffee preparation and filtering methods given by a barista. You will be taught the secrets of a good cup as well as the differences between the slow preparations of it.
Experience and taste the variety of Colombian dishes in this gastronomic trip through the Amazon, the Andes and the Caribbean cuisines, with a chef who will tell you the story hidden behind each bite. When you visit three different restaurants in the Poblado neighborhood, you will have the opportunity to taste a piece of each culture and, at the end, you will taste a special cup of coffee.
Get into the real city of Medellin and discover its transformation. We will take the tram that crosses the emblematic neighborhood of Buenos Aires and the Metrocable that goes to the Villa Sierra station. You will get to know the graffiti and some emblematic places of the area while enjoying some local products. The tour ends with a visit to the Casa de la Memoria Museum, where you will understand more in depth about the complex historical reality of Colombia.
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