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Proposals for the WAC 2023

On Tuesday September 23 the IX World Avocado Congress begins and with it the next host will be announced for the tenth version of the Congress. The avocado producing countries that have not been chosen as organizers of the event, are already presenting their proposals to be selected.

Long before the election is made official, we have begun to hear about the postulated countries and their particular proposals to host this important event that brings together the entire value chain of the avocado industry worldwide.

By the year 2023 proposals are heard coming from the Southwest Pacific Ocean, more specifically from New Zealand, a country whose temperature is characterized by being temperate due to its isolation from continental influences and exposure to the cold winds of the south and the currents Oceanic.

For Tony Ponder, President of NZ Avocado, this is an excellent opportunity for the country’s farmers to attend a global event, connect with some of the largest producers in the world and learn first-hand about current innovation and emergent technology.

Tourism in New Zealand, the main ally of the proposal

Stephen Engald-Hall, Executive Director of Tourism New Zealand, confirmed support for the candidacy of the New Zealand Avocado Growers Association to organize the World Avocado Congress in 2023.

Similarly, Engald-Hall, addressed the importance of this event by bringing together local and international experts whose knowledge and experience will help boost the avocado industry in New Zealand and will be the opportunity to show the country’s experience in this sector on the world stage.

It is important to remember that, given the growing demand from abroad and from within, producers have been forced to convert more than 1,000 hectares into avocado farms, as well large sums of money had being invested in existing areas to adapt them, so that the soil conditions can be improve for the proper performance of avocado crops.

For Engald-Hall, the purpose of the World Avocado Congress is to expand knowledge and present itself as a great opportunity for producers and industry professionals to listen and discuss the changing global paviion of avocados.

If you want to know who will be the host country attend the IX World Avocado Congress. Get your ticket here:

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