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Generating added value in the avocado industry

“The only limit is in our ideas” Daniel Gómez, lecturer Territorio Aguacate II

The avocado has seen increased worldwide consumption, with a large spike in the hectares being planted in the producing countries. This has caused an increase in the volume smaller-sized fruits, which are not for export. As such, the industrialization and transformation of the avocado is becoming an alternative for avocados of smaller sizes. In a presentation given in Territorio Aguacate II, Daniel Gómez, Manager of Terravocado, spoke about the possibilities of transformation of avocados.

In Colombia, avocado cultivation is in second place among the fruit trees grown in the country after citrus fruits. According to DANE figures in 2018, there are 98,268 hectares planted in the country, of which 74,991 are in production.

New developments with avocados

According to figures from the Portafolio newspaper in Europe, avocado consumption grew 65% between 2016 and 2018. In addition, in countries such as the United States, it reached 1.1 million tons in 2018.

This high consumption of avocado has caused the entire industry to develop. Here are some of the most interesting advancements:

-When it comes to nutraceutical products, there are avocado capsule developments.

-In countries such as the United Kingdom, avocado margarine is being marketed.

-Avocado gazpacho, a cold soup made with avocado. It is well known in cities such as Malaga, Spain.

-A Mexican company has developed unique technology for the manufacture of bio polymers generated from the avocado seed.

-Sculptures made of avocado seeds.

Among the main transformations of the avocado we have found:

-The commercialization of pieces of frozen avocado. This product is sold mainly as frozen bio and guarantees the quality of the avocado to the consumer.

-Acidified avocado pulp, which has a low ph levels.

-HPP pulp, which is a technology that is commercially viable since it allows for the pasteurization of avocado, which indicates that the product is without additives.

-Moisturizing creams made of avocado. These creams provide moisture and luminosity to the skin.

-Avocado oil, which helps to reduce cholesterol and is high in lutein, a beneficial antioxidant for the eyes, among others.

According to Daniel Gómez, there is one aspect that should be taken into account about the production of avocado oil: To produce a kilo of oil, approximately 10 kilos of avocados must be used.

To learn more about the opportunities available thanks to the growth of the avocado industry, as well as how to generate added value, attend the IX World Avocado Congress and learn from industry leaders.

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