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Avotours are immersive experiences where you will gain knowledge on the entire value chain of the avocado industry in Colombia. You will experience a guided visit through some of the best places to grow avocado in the world.

Through a tour on our land, you will appreciate a new origin for the avocado; “The Tropic”, where participants will get to know some crops, packers and institutions of the Colombian industry.

Places are limited, according to pre-registration

Jardín (Antioquia)

Duration: 2 days
Jardín is located in the southwest region of the department of Antioquia, in the Cauca-San Juan eco-geographic subsystem, which is in the fluvial basin of the Claro river.

Altitude: 1750 meters above sea level.

Area Size: 224 km²1​

Agricultural Crops: Coffee, banana, bane, beans and avocado
Climate: the territory has various microclimates, influenced by the cold air currents of the Citará cliffs and the mountains of the Jardín-Támesis region, as well as the warm currents from the lower and middle reaches of the San Juan River. This is why there are diverse microclimates in the area.
Distance from Medellin: 130 kms
Travel time by land: 3,5 hours
Facts to consider:
• Other important crops are gulupa, plantain and coffee.
• Integration of the avocado chain (farms and packers)

Urrao (Antioquia)

Duration: 1 day Urrao is also located in the southwest sub region of the department of Antioquia.
Altitude: 1830 meters above sea level.
Area Size: 2556 km²1​

Agriculture Crops: Passion fruit, beans, cane, corn, potatoes, tomatoes, avocados, garden produce and fruit trees.
Climate: Accounts for all the thermal floors, from 100 meters above sea level to the highest altitude that can be found in Antioquia, which makes it a privileged area for its biodiversity, housing several endemic species of fauna and flora.

Distance from Medellin 159 km by land
Travel Time by Land: 3,5 hours
Travel time by air: 25 min
Facts to consider:
• Large plantation cluster in Antioquia and Colombia.
• Approximately 2,000 hectares planted.
• 10% of the country’s area
• Unique production area of ​​the Western part of Colombia (towards the Pacific)

Sonsón (Antioquia)

Duration: 1 day This municipality of Colombia is located south of the department of Antioquia, in the jurisdiction of the East region Altitude:: 2475 meters above sea level Area Size: 1323 km²1

Agricultural Crops: Fig, corn, beans, potatoes and avocado.
Climate: Being the most extensive municipality in eastern Antioquia, it has all the thermal floors and one moor, reaching its highest point at 3,350 meters. Its headwater is delimited by the Capiro hill, the moor itself and a geographical feature that descends steeply at the southern end of the city
Distance from Medellin: 112 kms
Travel Time by Land: 3,5 hours
Aspects to consider:
• Average height of the orchards 2,350 meters
• Hass avocado trial history of 25 years
• Hectares sown approx: 2,000 of which 1,000 are in production
• New cluster with foreign investment
• Operation of the largest and most modern packing plant in Colombia: 1,200 containers per year

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