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CORPOHASS, the Colombian association of Hass avocado growers and exporters is responsible for the organization of this very important event. It is our commitment to bring a fresh and renewed force to the event, with emphasis in all scientific and technological aspects, discoveries and trends influencing the global avocado industry.

A thematic axis with nourished topics, trends and new advances in science and technology.

Thematic Axes

Quality and Safety

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The demands of the international market in terms of quality and food safety are increasing. Producers and packers need to prepare in order to meet quality control standards and avoid the challenges of pre- and post-harvest, which have a substantial impact on the value chain.

Some topics that will be developed around this theme are:

  • Pre and post-harvest factors.
  • The Impact of technology in the post-harvest stage.
  • Heterogeneity of fruit ripening.
  • Pathologies and internal disorders of the fruit in postharvest.
  • Maximum residue limit.
  • Sensory quality.
  • Pathogens and diseases.
  • Toxicology.Academic Leaders and Academic Commitee.
    • Zelda Van Rooyen                          
    • Pablo Rodríguez                             

Genetic resources and materials development

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The search for value attributes for new areas or for replacement of current areas; rootstock-scion compatibility, the narrow or wide genetic variability in the rootstock of commercial crops and heterogeneous soils are some of the challenges facing Colombian avocado producers today. Is it time to look for other alternatives?

These are some of the topics that will be developed around this theme:

  • New commercial cultivars and value attributes in the future.
  • Current and potential rootstocks (sexual or clonal) of the avocado.
  • Genetic variability Rootstocks for cv Hass commercial crops.
  • Commercial Massive propagation “efficiency and effectiveness.
Academic Leaders and Academic Committee.
  • Alejandro Navas                          
  • Alejandro Barrientos Priego     
  • Andres Cortés                               

Production and productivity

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The adaptation of the avocado crop against the edaphoclimatic conditions that prevail in different producing areas worldwide becomes a challenge along with the requirements of the productive system, with the development of management strategies that have broad support in science and technology.

These are some of the topics that will be developed around this theme:

  • Avocado phenology and nutrition.
  • Growth regulators in avocado
  • Avocado pruning management.
  • Nutrition and irrigation in avocados.
  • Flowering, pollination and fruit set in avocados.
  • Alternate bearing in avocado.
Academic Leaders and Academic Committee.
  • Iñaki Hormaza                          
  • Alexander Rebolledo               
  • Amanda Quintero                     


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Insect pests and plant diseases that affect the crop in the different producing regions are the main problem and a constant that threatens the production and limit the trade of the fruit, generating a negative economic impact and interrupting the productive chain.

These are some of the topics that will be developed around this theme:

  • The efficient monitoring and management of regulated pests.
  • The development of biological products and thrips control.
  • Root diseases and post-harvest diseases.
  • Ambrosia beetles / fungal symbionts attacking avocado.
Academic Leaders and Academic Commitee.
  • Salvador Ochoa                             
  • Emilio Arévalo                               
  • Pablo Julián Tamayo                     
  • Juan Gonzalo Morales                  
  • Takumasa Kondo                          

Supply chain, marketing, and industrialization

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The demand for avocados in the world’s main markets has grown rapidly in recent years. Taste, nutritional value and versatility of this product have made it a worldwide favorite. Producing countries face the challenge of supplying the world markets with quality avocados and promoting the benefits and pleasures of the fruit to the consumer in order to increase the demand. As such, they continue to generate value.

These are some of the topics that will be developed around this theme:

  • Determining factors of the global avocado demand growth.
  • The administration of the supply chain.
  • Industrial processing of avocados.
  • Situations and perspectives of production and demand in main markets.
Academic Leaders and Academic Committee.
  • Ramón Paz Vega                       
  • Daniel Gómez                             
  • Jorge Restrepo                           

Health, nutrition and gastronomy

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Global trends in food and nutrition generate great challenges for R&D & I programs. In recent years, sufficient evidence has been obtained to relate chronic noncommunicable diseases with eating habits. Knowing these associations will pave way for designing proposals for the development of food products that improve, prevent or reduce diseases.

These are some of the topics that will be developed around this theme:

  • Bioactive substances in avocado
  • Nutritional interventions and effects on human health.
  • Validated biological models and bioactive substances present in avocados.
  • Molecular gastronomy and derived products.
Academic Leaders and Academic Committee.
  • Emiliano Escobedo                       
  • Rafael Álvarez                                                

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