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A memorable landscape

A memorable landscape

It was March 27, 2019, the city of Pereira received me with warmth. Surprised by the kindness of its people, I dare to want to know each of its corners, especially the mountains that rise with strength on each side of the road full of avocado, coffee, onion and banana.

I decided to visit their lands without doubting that what I was going to find, would bind me eternally to this warm city of the Colombian coffee belt. The truck increased its strength to continue its course, the road was paved, the climb steeper and steeper, it seemed that we would never finish climbing.

We decided to stop along the way, because what we saw seemed at that moment something incredible. I got off with a camera in my hand, because I did not want to stop portraying what I saw. The mountains of these lands, some large, others smaller and their colors some light green, others darker, showed me not only the high productivity of the area, since each one had sown a different crop but the beauty of its landscapes.

We continued the road until we reached the first of the farms we would visit, from the entrance there was a lot of harmony, as each of the avocado trees grown in this place was in good health and had a special shine that managed to generate a magical environment.

The secret of the beauty of the crop and its fruits, as explained by its owner, was the love that was given to each one of the fruit trees, the delivery, the satisfaction of their nutritious needs and the proper handling that was offered to them. .

This place was completely planted with avocado, on each side that looked as if there was an avocado tree ready to welcome visitors, the texture of its avocados was uniform, the intense green color and its size reflected the care that was given to it.

I continued my tour of the place, admiring every detail, every tree and every fruit that was prepared to be taken on a long journey to the different countries where this Colombian fruit has market to be enjoyed by different palates. , some more sophisticated than others, but which without a doubt will convince that person that his quality reflects the passion of his people who with discipline and care cultivated the fruit in the Colombian territory.

Along the way I heard the story of how the farm went from growing bananas and coffee to a fruit such as avocado, which has allowed them to improve their standard of living and of thousands of people who have accompanied them in this transformation, working day by day so that their fruit can reach places that are probably unknown to them but with those who they dream and plan to meet one day.

Avocado is perhaps a well-known fruit in our country and whose production grows annually due to the high demand in international markets where it is sought for its taste, nutrition, texture and beauty that allows to beautify each plate of food and satisfy thousands of palates.

After 40 minutes in which we enjoyed visiting this place we decided to continue our trip without wanting to forget that observed landscape and that fruit that with so much love was cultivated to enchant the palates.

At the World Avocado Congress you will have the opportunity to live a transversal experience in the avocado industry through the Avotours, where you can visit the main avocado regions of the department of Antioquia and learn about the crops and the production of this fruit.

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